Yummy in my Tummy

Allow me to introduce one of my favorite cooking books: The Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Forte. These recipes are easy and yummy; not just kinda yummy but really yummy. If you want to start thinking outside of the box on what you are putting into your mouth Sprouted Kitchen is a good place to start. If you are big into bowl-style eating check out her new book titled Bowl + Spoon. If you are into cooking blogs then check out her website.

What I love about this book is that it is a team effort hubby+wife collaboration. Hugh Forte, Sara's husband is the eye behind the beautiful photos that make this book oh so appealing. I have listed some of my favorite Recipes below that are available on Sara's blog, so go on... Get started & EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

Strawberry & Leek Quesedilla

Curry Spiced Pommes Frites & Cucumber Dip

Multigrain waffles

Picnic Breakfast Burritos

Sweet Corn Ceviche